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Helmet on! why?

Wearing a helmet on bike.... looots of people thinks is a ridiculous idea. Horrible idea is to put helmet on children head! It get hot underneath! It will get sweat ! It's heavy! More advance arguments come form adults: It ruins my hair! It's uncomfortable! I it is UGLY!

...but the whore argument of all is:

"wearing a helmet bike rider feels more safe so he will ride more aggressive and cause more dangerous situations"

... the article ends with: "this could affect all sorts of situations, perhaps even how soldiers make strategic decisions when wearing body armour."

Have you or do you know anybody who is questioning wearing a body armor ON BATTLEFIELD ?

Well this is the problem, as in late 1960s when seat belts were intruded, and ABS, air bags... Would you consider to disable airbags in your car? Probably not.

So why i claim that all of this is not reliable ? That quite simple i have evaluated this behavioral model using Natural Experiment method. My kids wear helmet all the time, mainly to prevent leaving them somewhere they don't remember were. Second advantage is both sun and/or cold protection. We ride in the summertime and in the winter in both cases having something on your head is advisable. Back to the experiment. There are more that 30 000 000 seconds each year and helmet was in use for 1 second twice. What are the odds? what is the statistic ? IS helmet necessary? The probability that you will need the helmet is tree time lower that wining a lottery! and FIVE TIMES lower that being killed by meteorite! Do you know anybody killed by meteorite?

Well i know somebody who just used helmet twice in the right moment and thanks to this routine we haven't seen any doctor, no blood was spilled, there was no injuries. My son just get up, and carry on! So i really don't understand people who value more 10 hour journey through E-R and bunch of other appointments with doctors after it, the stitches, the blood, the bandages...

well wanna see the crash test?

..we all are using ABUS helmets.

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