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Bike is a  vehicle

Bike blog

It is still hard to belive driver in Poland dont know that ! 

It's July 2022, I just made the "fifth circle" around the globe, although I didn't manage to go too far. I'm spinning around. On this page I will put things that somehow interested me. Maybe they will interest you too.


About me

My name is Konrad 

I started cycling because I got so fat that 100 m walk to the bus stop, made me tired and soaking sweat.

The bike didn't solve my obesity problem, but it sure got me moving a bit. I ride my bike everywhere today, I don't know why. That's how it came out and that's how it stayed. There is no philosophy here, probably rather stupid stubbornness. ​ I've been towing a trailer behind my bike lately. I struggle with the creators of wagons in PKP and I show that a bicycle is a vehicle. ​ ...aha I'm a driver too. ;) (it's a Polish common bike-drivers argument)

for more details check yourself :


Dziękujemy za przesłanie!

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